FFS exists to directly address the travesties of the Trump administration.

To change policy, we need to elect progressive policy makers. The upcoming midterms on November 6th are a pivotal opportunity to incite this change.

The photographers on this site have come together to raise money for the midterm efforts of two organizations: Emily’s List, an organization working to elect pro-choice Democratic women to office, and Swing Left, which is mobilizing swing districts to elect progressives and flip the House in the 2018 midterm elections.

We are offering prints of our work as thank-you gifts when you contribute to help fund these Get Out The Vote efforts. Contributions will be split equally between Emily’s List and Swing Left.

These two organizations have a direct impact in the future of the political map by engaging with voters through peer-to-peer conversations and field organizing programs. Financial contributions to organizations that work directly with voters are one of the most impactful ways to advance these efforts and resist the dangerous policies of the Trump administration. 

How it works:

FFS will offer one print per photographer per week, in three different sizes. Visitors will have a weeklong window to make donations at one of three contribution levels. At the end of each week, the entire site will refresh with a new print offering by the same photographer. 

Schedule for when the site will refresh with new prints (each week):

Week 1: Oct 8-14
Week 2: Oct 15-21
Week 3: Oct 22-28
Week 4: Oct 29-Nov 2


Q: Why are you not giving directly to candidates running for House or Senate?
A: Under FEC guidelines, donating directly to candidates through a portal like this is quite limiting, as campaign finance law caps individual contributions to candidates.This makes it harder to legally and effectively donate funds. The organizations selected have proven track records in communicating with voters to elect progressive candidates, and are allocating funds with an eye towards the midterm election on Nov. 6th.

Q: Who can contribute to this site and receive gifted prints in exchange?
A: In order to be FEC compliant, those who donate must be US citizens or green card holder over the age of 18.

Q: How can I check if I’m registered to vote?
A. You can check by visiting this site

Q: When exactly will the window close to receive each week’s respective print?
A: At midnight EST on the last day of the weeklong window (Oct 14, 21, 28, and Nov 2). The last week is slightly shorter so contributions can be impactful leading up to midterms on Nov. 6th. 

Q: Who is making the prints?
A: We have partnered with El-Co Color Labs, who will printing digital C prints out of their NJ facilities and shipped with USPS. They are graciously printing the images at wholesale costs so we can keep costs way down and maximize impact with this project.

Q: When are you making donations?
A: Donations to Emily’s List and Swing Left will sent in on a weekly basis, 24 hours after each print window has closed.

Q: When are prints send out?
A: Prints will be send to the printer on a once a week basis, the day after print sales close for that week. 

Q: Are prints editioned?
A: We are trying to raise as much money as possible, so prints are not editioned on this site.

Q: Will the prints have borders?
A: All prints will have a 1/2” white border on each side. For example, an 11x14” print will be a 10x13” image with a 1/2” border.